Blouses Indoor Soccer

Monday, June 25, 2007

Video of Dogs

Hmmm. This blog thing doesn't seem to work for organising soccer teams. Maybe this cool video will help...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Season Fixture For Blouses

Hey Guys. Here's the new Blouses site. It's actually the old "Eskimo" Soccer website so those of you that have joined relatively recently can see where it all began through previous posts. I've put together the new fixture at: so people can bookmark this or just come to this site to see when games are. For everyone's sanity and to save inbox clutter, it'd be cool if people could just come to the Blouses blog and just comment to the latest post whether they want to play or not that week. We can try this out and see how it goes this week. To do this, just comment this post to say whether you want to play or not. The option is to use our myspace if most people have myspace or I could make a facebook profile as well. Who has what and what's going to be the easiest? Anyways, see you guys on wednesday at 7.10. Just a reminder why we're called blouses!