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Sunday, October 23, 2005

A dissapointing loss

Well I'm glad we didn't have a camera for last night's game. Team Eskimo's ass was well and truley whipped!

The team was severly reduced in numbers this week. We were missing star players Laura and Sarah and at the start of the game had to ask a girl from the previous game to play for us as Justine was the only Mo girl at the start of the match. While the replacement was exhausted from her previous game she managed to get one gaol for us and almost scored a few more. Eventually Hiromi showed up halfway through the first half (Hiromi we have to do something about your tardiness!) and we had a full team but no subs (James was there with his soccer shoes on but was feeling too beaten and bruised from a previous game to go goalie for us).

The first half seemed like it was going to be ok. The mo was holding back the attacks and managed to keep the score pretty even with mighty Mik in goals stoping a shitload of good shots. It was the second half where things started to go wrong. I got into goals, defence got sloppy as people got tired from lack of subs and there were at least 3 goals against us where I was left as the last man against two attacking players. Defence guys DEFENCE!

To be positive though, there was one fantastic goal which involved almost the entire team.

I'm looking forward to next week when we have a more full team and hopefully Stefan is getting closer to finding a fix for his disability and we'll see him back on the feild soon. So by the way, who can make it next week? So far it's:

  1. Finn
  2. Laura
  3. Mik
  4. Stu
  5. Hiromi (make sure you leave plenty of time Hiromi!)

So that's almost looking like a team. Who else is in? Does anyone have any friends that would be interested in playing?


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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:22 am  

  • Hey Everyone,

    Is it possible for the fixture to be posted on this site? What time are we playing this week?

    By Blogger Laura, at 8:51 am  

  • No worries Laura,
    I just put the ladder and fixture up for everyone to see!

    By Blogger Finn, at 11:33 am  

  • i'm in for this week

    By Blogger mik, at 1:32 pm  

  • I wouldn'd miss it for quids

    By Blogger Stu, at 5:18 pm  

  • I m playing this game.
    my bike was stolen so it's a bit difficult to get there though...

    By Blogger hiromi, at 6:24 pm  

  • I'm sorry to hear that Hiromi. Is your friend able to play this week? Can you please make sure you get to the game on time this week? Remember it's at 6.40 so lets get there at 6.30!

    By Blogger Finn, at 9:06 am  

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