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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Duscio's Dilemma

This breaking news just in.

Star striker Stefan Duscio goes into a remedial therapy clinic tonight to begin emergency repairs to his problem right ankle. Duscio's says: "Yeah my ankle has been injured since last November, and because I haven't stopped playing, it hasn't yet had a chance to heal. It has only gotten worse."

However even in the face of this insurmountable challenge, Duscio remains optimistic. "I'm sure I'll be out there again soon. I just wanna thank all my fans for their letters of support and well wishing. But please, ladies, stop with the offering of the sex, I'm a married man."

Vice Captain Mik Lavage attempts to hold together the team with Duscio's absence. "It's been really hard without him, but we Eskimos are resilient, and it's only a matter of time before we hold the tiny b grade trophies over our head once again, and become back to back champions," Lavage says.

Eskimo plays Crackhorse at 6.40pm at Carlton Stadium, this Friday night.


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